About Us

I haven’t always been a hobbyist turned entrepreneur, I started out in cosmetology right out of high school.  I met my husband at my first salon I worked at and it became a whirl wind romance.  I packed up my things and moved to Plainville, we got married and moved to Hays where we currently live.  We started a heating and air business November 1st 2001, not too long after moving to Hays, I juggled my cosmetology career while being thrown into the bookkeeping of our business.  I then got pregnant with our first son, trying to find balance while being a new mom, holding onto a career I loved and doing the books for our main source of income was very challenging.  After our second son was born I decided it was time to quit doing hair and do the books full time while raising our kids all out of our home.  Even though I loved being their mom, I felt a little lost.

I’ve always loved creating and making things.  It started with nesting with my first born, instead of cleaning the house and preparing, I made him little things like knot blankets, as my kids got older I would make them pillows and snuggies, short projects.  Then my creating skills went to sewing koozies and embroidering initials to personalize them and making personalized head and body wrap towels.  I started with a single needle embroidery machine and slowly started making more things as gifts, progressing to selling my hobby creations to make a little side cash.  After some time had passed and making new stuff all the time I ended up purchasing a 16 needle embroidery machine, going to craft shows selling my creations.  I eventually started my hand in making t-shirts with vinyl and officially gave my hobby a name and made it a legal business entity June 5th, 2015.  Not too long after making my business we purchased a Roto Rooter business Oct. of 2016.  With 3 businesses in full swing and after many craft shows moving totes and tables in and out of storage and the car, I decided I needed something more moveable but set to where my stuff was all in one place.  That’s when the adventure began looking for my vintage camper I wanted to turn into a mobile boutique!  Today I call it the Bonaventure mobile boutique!

I have always had a passion for creating whether it was making someone feel beautiful in doing their hair, or crafting, sewing, and making tshirts.  I have also had an eye for spotting other women’s talents in their creations as well.  I wanted to start my own craft show so I could showcase my own goods plus have a place for other women to also.  This dream came alive with my very first event The Ugly Sweater Ladies Night Out.  This quickly became my biggest event women in the surrounding area looked forward to.  I wanted to create a special atmosphere for them, a shopping experience they’ve never had.  Getting their girlfriends together, enjoying snacks and drinks making memories visiting, laughing and of course shopping, either shopping in just my mobile boutique at my single pop up events, or shopping and seeing all the talented ladies out there making their dreams of passion a reality also. 

I love the community of supporting women that has been created out of this business.  The friends, cheerleaders, comradery, support, love and compassion that everyone shows each other has been the very best of this journey.